1600 Spider Veloce For Sale – Portugal

I don’t have an exact count of just how many of the original 1091 units are still around, but my register shows just a few hundred. Here is #390637 for sale in Portugal. Nice car, needs some detailing. There is a German plaque on the fire wall, so it gives a hit of where it has been. The email wasn’t working when I tried it. Find it here on Car and Classic UK. (click to link) Let me know if you buy it.

390637b 390637c



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Sprint Speciale Article

Ever wonder what happened to your car after you sold it? We sign papers, exchange  money then see it drive off down the road with a lingering sense of loss and wonder if you did the right thing.

Here is a great story from Pete Vack of VeloceToday and his Sprint Speciale that he sold some time back. I have included his photos of the car to see if anyone knows of its whereabouts. If you know, please contact me!

Alfa-SS-2-1978 Alfa-SS-1978-1

July 27th, 2005Something SpecialeAn Alfa at odds with itselfBy Pete Vack


The Alfa Romeo Sprint Speciale, or SS was produced with both the 1300 and 1600 engines. Photo by Alessandro Gerelli.

To some eyes, the Alfa Romeo Sprint Speciale (1957-1966) was a great looking piece of automotive art. Yet, so radical, so sweeping was the scope of the design, to this day there may not be a consensus. Is it a work of rolling art or is it a bloated caricature of a space age nightmare? What was the original intent? Did the SS live up to expectations?

The best laid plans…

Derived from the experimental B.A.T. prototype of 1953-55, Alfa’s Sprint Speciale was designed by Bertone as a counterpoint to Zagato’s brutally efficient and lightweight coupes. A counterweight might be closer to the truth, for what it gained in beauty over the soapbar SZ, it lost in weight. This was not the original intent; Alfa Romeo was looking toward Bertone to create a faster version of the Guilietta, favoring Bertone over Zagato as a co-producer of their cars. It is one of the more fascinating ironies that beset the Sprint Spinta.

To continue reading the story…VeloceToday Sprint Speciale article (click to link)


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Need History on an SS

Question of the day…who owns this SS? I found this SS while surfing and was wondering who might have it and be able to provide me with some numbers for my Sprint Speciale Register. (click to link) Here is what the EBay ad said: “

On Dec-01-12 at 07:40:40 PST, seller added the following information:

This is a 1 owner car from new. The car was sold new in May of 1965 in NYC. The purchaser was a military officer that shipped the car to Italy where he was stationed. Upon arrival to Italy the owner had the car resprayed in red from its original white. The owner also replaced his MPH speedometer with a Kilometer speedometer. ( 37000 original kilometers) The mileage on the car was 13 when this was performed. The original U.S. version speedometer will be a part of the sale. The car was shipped back to US after the military tour was completed.The Alfa was shipped from Antwerp back to the USA in 1969. Several more years of use and the car went into a barn to be stored. This car has been sitting dormant for over 25years. This car is very complete. This car has its matching number engine 1600cc 129HP twin cam 4 cylinder. The interior is original, the paint is a repaint from white to red. The car has rust in the passenger door and the fender bottoms. The floor is in tact. the trunk has rust in the bottom from water settling in thru the trunk seal. The windshield was broken by a farm animal as the story goes …so in 1990 the owner ordered from Italy, a new windshield for this car, and that part will be included with the sale. This car comes with the documentation to support all claims for the rare 1600cc Giulia SS. Pictures of the car from 76 and 86 will also support the history of this automobile.”

unknownss1b  unknownss1dunknownss1g

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750F Spider Veloce For Sale – Connecticutt

WOW!” doesn’t describe this car. It is meticulously restored and comes with a lot of spare parts. No idea what the cost is and I have sent an inquiry as to the correct numbers to the advertiser. It is listed on Hemmings. (click to link)



Now if I was financially well off…this would be on a truck to my garage.


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1600 Veloce For Sale Soon -RM Auctions in Monaco

Coming up for auction May 10th  at Monaco through RM auctions is a Giulia Spider Veloce 390417 with matching engine 00121.01950. The car is rough but appears to be mostly  complete. Go to the website via the link to see more photos of the car.

390417an 390417ar

Here is your chance to get a rare car at a decent price. I am going to be interested in this auction because I want to see where the value of these cars is headed. Not many come up for sale, so this could be a good test of the market even for a car that is not in pristine restored condition.

If you look at my website for 1600 Veloce’s, you will see that there are only about 200 cars that are documented in some manner, add in another 100 or so that I haven’t been able to document of the original 1091 cars that were built, you can see that there are not many around. Rust in the floor boards and rocker panels got to most of these cars over the years. These are easy restorations as you can get everything to restore the car.

The 1600 Veloce sports twin Weber 40DCOE2 carburetors, 9.3 mm cams, 9.7:1 compression, forged rods and crankshaft, with a butterfly pan, and sand molded headers gives you 129 hp and a top speed of 112 mph (I know because I tried it several times and it was all I could get out of her). Matching that, are large two shoe drum brakes in the rear and Girling brakes in the front. Car has a 5 speed synchro gear box (lighten the gears for better shifting) and a 4.56 rear axle. Car gets 27 mpg if jetted correctly from a 15 gallon gas tank.

So who is in on this one?


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750 (00106) Sprint Veloce Intake Complete and other related

If someone is in serious need of a complete 00106 series intake manifold, cold air box and carburetors, then this might be what you are looking for. The price is steep, considering how hard this stuff is to find, might turn out to be a bargain. 3000 Euro (click to link) INTAKE PARTS



In a separate ad here is a set of DCO3 carbs for 5000 Euro (click to link) CARBS


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Veloce Engine for sale – Italy

Prices seem to be climbing for these items, so if you are seriously in need of a correct engine, you might want to check it out.
Engine number: 1315.32881 which looks to me to be a 1959 Sprint Veloce engine by my register.

32281a 32281c

“Ar1315 for engine 32281 giulietta spider sprint and fast for the years 58/59 complete with Marelli distributor and intake manifold. To regenerate missing the exhaust and intake valves. 7800 PRICE NOT NEGOTIABLE” (click to link) ENGINE FOR SALE

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