This is one of those websites that while you are digging for one thing, something else comes along. I was searching for FIVA/ASI information and R.I.A.R appears.

First, we all know that Alfa Romeo started in 1910 as Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili or ALFA. There is a book on just the Alfa Romeo badge that explains how all of the information was assembled. Haven’t you ever wondered why the snake was eating the man? Why the red cross and the laurel wreath that surrounds it all? I was thinking that it was the Red Cross coming to the aid of the man being eaten? *JK!*

Second, did you know that R.I.A.R has been around for 50 years! Here I thought I knew a lot about Alfa Romeo, yet I didn’t know about this club/organization of Alfa Romeo enthusiasts.
Here is what R.I.A.R means: Italian Alfa Romeo Register (In Italian the word Register comes first). The club has 1500 members worldwide and has connections to ASI, FIA, and ACI. (Don’t we love all of these anacronyms?)

To quote their website: “The Italian Alfa Romeo Register (RIAR) is an association “no profit” founded in Rome in 1962 by one of the forerunners of the historical engineering Italian, Francesco Santovetti, who was the first president, and the Baron Giorgio Franchetti. In 1968, the RIAR was transferred to Milan, to the door of the old offices in Via Gattamelata, at the Alfa Romeo realized that the validity of the objectives and the remarkable image for the company.

Today, based in Arese (MI) at the Alfa Romeo Historical Museum, with over 1500 members worldwide, some museums, owners of important cars of production of the House milanese.Da older ones ’10s – ’20 to the latest Formula 1 80s, Members of the RIAR retain their beautiful cars in exceptional condition of originality and restoration cars that made history and legend of Alfa, all ready to arouse enthusiasm and still strong emotions.

The RIAR is a real traveling museum that every year, in Italy and abroad, brings together many members and fans in rallies and demonstrations that have always met with great success and acclaim.From the elegant and rich sedans of the ’20s, the flaming sport of the ’30s, those who saw the deeds of Nuvolari, Varzi and many other unforgotten pilots, to the impressive but still curvy and fast cars of the ’40s and ’50s and hence the agile Juliets, you can not just go back almost 100 years of life and customs of our country, which they have characterized whole periods, but also nearly 100 years of continuous technological developments and style of one of the most fascinating car brands of the world.”

Membership covers all ages from 0 to ? A new membership is 150 Euro, and a renewal is 100 Euros. Junior is from 0-18 (30 Euro), Young is from 19-25 (100 Euro), Family member is father, wife, son (30 Euro) All fees are annual.

For classic cars of the members and at their request, the RIAR releases various certifications: Certificate of Registration in the Register, Certificate of Historical Importance and collector, Certificate of Approval (for cars already registered in the Register). For the shareholder whose car has first been approved, may also request and obtain the “Certificate of Authenticity” by subjecting the car to a further special examination by the Technical Commission of the RIAR. There are costs for these certifications.

Did you know that R.I.A.R is responsible for a monument to the marque of Alfa Romeo and its 100 years of making significant cars? The original Portello works were torn down and replaced with a shopping mall. The Arese factory is mostly gone leaving only the Museo Storico housing some of the worlds most beloved cars.

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From R.I.A.R’s website this quote as to why this monument was built: “It is for this reason that the Italian Alfa Romeo Register (RIAR), which since 1962 lives in the Alfa Museum and combines many fans in the world, wants to become, in their name and representation, promoter of an initiative that finally and definitively memories for posterity the House Milan and how it was important in our hearts and in the history of motoring. E ‘therefore in this spirit that, with the’ celebration of the Alfa Romeo Centenary (1910 – 2010), it was decided to build a monument to offer the city of Milan and place in an area of ​​great emotional impact. A monument in memory of and in tribute to those who made the history of Alfa an immortal legend.

The design of the monument, which is made of bronze and reinterpreted by a famous sculptor, was developed by the Centro Stile Alfa Romeo in Arese car inspired by the 1900 C52 “Flying Saucer” of the ’50s whose futuristic lines, a perfect symbiosis between past and future, is a hymn to the design and speed and blend in perfectly with the ‘important base, the study was conducted by architects Monica Mariani and Claudio Lo Passo di Milano, which will be a part of the engine, then the heart of every Alfa .The entire work is to be the impressive synthesis of philosophy and tradition that have always characterized the House of Alfa.”


About alfadoc

I have been involved in Alfa Romeo cars since 1970 when I bought my 1600 Veloce spider. It was in 1972 that I started the Veloce Register for 1600 cars. It was in 1998 that I added the Sprint Veloce, 750 Spider Veloce and Sprint Speciale registers. Currently I own 2 Alfas: a 1994 164 Quadrifoglio.and a 1991 Spider "Automatic"
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