Sprint Speciale For Sale -RHD & Ruddspeed

NOTE: This car will be sold at Auction on February 22, 2014. From my correspondence, I believe that all of the history from new is known about the owners, making this car potentially a Gold ASI car.

Chassis number 381030


You can see the car in the Sprint Speciale Register by looking for 381030, click on the link and see the photos and history of the car.

Ruddspeed…if you have been around cars for a lengthy period of time, you will  know the name because they were in the business of converting cars from LHD over to RHD. Now mind you, these were not some “shade tree” change overs, but excellent quality factory level conversions for cars that drive on the LHS of the road. Click this link to learn more about Ruddspeed conversions.

What made the change over for Alfa’s difficult was that the steering post to the gear box had to go down under the carbuertors, starter, and linkage in order to work properly. It was a very tight fit.

It is estimated that there were only about 50 Alfa’s converted by Ruddspeed. This is a quote from Wikipeida.org about Ruddspeed: “1,366 Giulietta Sprint Speciale and 1,400 Giulia Sprint Speciale were produced. 25 cars were converted to right hand drive by RuddSpeed.”

Here is a RHD Sprint Speciale for sale at Silverstone in England.

381030sd 381030sc  381030si


About alfadoc

I have been involved in Alfa Romeo cars since 1970 when I bought my 1600 Veloce spider. It was in 1972 that I started the Veloce Register for 1600 cars. It was in 1998 that I added the Sprint Veloce, 750 Spider Veloce and Sprint Speciale registers. Currently I own 2 Alfas: a 1994 164 Quadrifoglio.and a 1991 Spider "Automatic"
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