Alfa Romeo Paint Codes

Here is the link to one of my most visited websites. It is all about Alfa Romeo paint codes used over the years. The page details the changes. It isn’t complete as it is missing the latest paint codes for the cars built after 1999. If you have any codes you wish to share with me, drop me an email! The more the merrier!



2 Responses to Alfa Romeo Paint Codes

  1. Greg Korak says:


    I’m restoring a 1960 Giulietta Spider Veloce in Bianco Spino. Do you know the best Dupont and PPG paint codes to match this color?

    Thanks, Greg

  2. alfadoc says:

    I do not…have you tried the 750-101 discussion There is a lot of information in that group that can help you. Get with me about your Veloce for the register.

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