Favorite Links

Giuliettas.com Find out what is current on the market and read up on Matt Hamilton’s collection. Matt has some great information on cars along with his personal view point on the cars he lists. I check in every day just to see what is new and what I can add to my registers.

Giulietta.com A website dedicated the preservation of 750-101 Alfa Romeo cars. They publish a great quarterly newsletter.

Alfa Bulletin Board This is a must place to be at if you drive, own or are interested in any model of Alfa Romeo. The collected wisdom of the world crosses paths on the bulletin board to help each other.

Spider Veloce Blog – You will need a translation program unless you can read Italian. Great information and interesting to read.

Vintage Alfa Register – This is a 750-101 all inclusive register that was started and maintained by Patrick Hung. If you have an Alfa Romeo that is between 1955-1965 you can register your car there with all the particulars. This is a great example of a register.

BringATrailer – this is a daily email you can subscribe to that brings all kinds of cars for sale from everywhere that are not only unique, you can find some really great bargains. This is a great way to start your day! Now if I only had a Gazillion dollars to buy them all and restore them. 🙂

more forthcoming…


2 Responses to Favorite Links

  1. xaunpark says:

    I build a blog about torque wrench. Can you recommend it on your blog.

  2. alfadoc says:

    Xaunpark, Your information is good for someone who is looking for a good torque wrench but there are few selections. Who decided these were the best ones? Which wrenches were not included in the story and why were they left out? A good story about torque wrenches should have a comparison of which ones are bad and and which wones are “recommended” to buy. A source to buy them should be inclued. You did mention Amazon which is a good source. Give me more and I will recommend your post for my readers. 🙂 Thank you for writing.

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