Veloce Registers

Here are the various links to the Veloce Registers that you have been reading about.

Home page

750 Spider Veloce Register

101 Giulia Spider Veloce Register

750-101 Sprint Speciale Register

750 Sprint Veloce Register

2 Responses to Veloce Registers

  1. Mauro Borella says:

    Hallo, in the 750 Sprint Veloce Register the chassis no. 10106.157435 is listed as a 1958 car.
    This is not possible as this is a 101.06 Sprint Veloce model, and with that chassis no. it should be a 1961 model year.
    Best regards,

  2. alfadoc says:

    Hello Mauro, you are very correct in your notice of the chassis numbers not being correct for sprint veloce register for the years. This is some thing I must attend to in the future. When I set up the registers many years ago it was easier for me to paste the same line of code many times. I will note an this as one of a few housekeeping items I must pay attention to. This must be your sprint veloce you are talking to me about? Tell me more and of any other veloce cars you know of. Ciao Christopher.

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