Who is Christopher Boles? I am known as the “Alfadoctor” or “Velocedoc” depending upon which forum you run around in. You can find me on the 750-101 Yahoo discussion group and the Alfa Bulletin Board. I still own my first Alfa Romeo 1600 Spider Veloce, that I bought in 1970, and have owned over 40 Alfa’s over the years. Currently I own 4 Alfa’s (65 Spider Veloce, 67 Super, 71 GTV, and 1994 164 Quadrifoglio).

In 1974 I started my own repair shop called the “Alfa Doctor” in Ventura County while I was a student at Brooks Institute of Photography. The shop was open for about 2+ years until I couldn’t hold down both my work and the shop as I got seriously ill. After a relocation I helped worked on exotic cars being imported from Italy by a consortium of individuals. If I had those cars today I would be well off in my retirement.

In 1973 after I left the Air Force, I took a job in Monterey working for the Naval Post Graduate School as a photographer. It was there that I started the Monterey Alfa Romeo Owners Club which is now the Central Coast Alfa Romeo Owners Club. Along the way in 1976 I helped start with the support of some close friends, the Santa Barbara Alfa Romeo Owners Club which is still going serving as the clubs first president for two years.

In 1970 I started the 1600 Spider Veloce Register to find all that are surviving. About 1997  I added the 1300 Spider Veloce Register and then the Sprint Veloce Register, and compiled previously 3 other Sprint Speciale Registers to create what you see at the Veloce Register.

You can contact me at 65veloce at gmail dot com


2 Responses to About

  1. Chuck Cline says:

    Is there any way to convert the SS register to an excel spreadsheet. It would be useful for finding specific items. I still owe you updates. Nice to see you at Alfa13.

    Chuck Cline (aka Capt Charles Cline)

  2. alfadoc says:

    My wife and I have remarked several times what a pleasure it was to be with you and your wife at the convention.

    Asto creating a spread sheet it would have to be a labor of love to create from scratch a new data base. When I get a new car I just copy/paste my formatting in Dreamweaver and enter the data, and then upload to the server. Takes me about an hour to make a new page and put in the photographs and information. Then I back up the website periodically, which is now about a 1.5 gig of photos etc. On the server each car has a folder since I switched over to Dreamweaver from GoLive.
    We will see you at Alfa15 I am sure in Rhode Island. I would love to bring the 164Q.
    Christopher Boles
    ChristopherB Photography

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