1965 Spider Veloce For Sale

There is a 1965 Spider Veloce (390417) for sale on EBay. Needs an oil pan, oil pump, and seats. The rest of the car appears to be all there. Want a car of only a few hundred left in the world, here is your chance to get one!

390417a 390417c

The oil pump and pan can be found with some patience and some cash. Seats come from any 1600 spider, and new reproduction seats are available with the correct seat pattern. Sheet metal is readily available, so nothing here is daunting. It would be great to see it go back to its original color as there are few Veloce’s that are Sky Blu.

The correct block is there and head. You can find the “correct” 1600 40DCOE2 carbs if your willing to wait. Don’t put the Spanish DCOE carbs on the car as they are not correct and it sticks out like a “sore thumb.”


I wonder where the bumpers are for the rear? If it is there, there should be the correct license plate holder posts which is different than the USA plate holder. I would love to see a picture with dimensions of those posts to be remade for my car.

You see that script on the back of the trunk lid? The Veloce was not available even in 1970 when I wanted to have a spare for my own personal Veloce. It is worth its weight in gold! This car has the Euro tail lights which is correct for this car as is the front tear drop turn signals which make it a correct 1600 European Spider Veloce. There are less Euro version 1600 Veloce’s than there are USA versions so far in the register.

Ok, so who is going to step up and buy this Veloce and make it a great car to drive?



About alfadoc

I have been involved in Alfa Romeo cars since 1970 when I bought my 1600 Veloce spider. It was in 1972 that I started the Veloce Register for 1600 cars. It was in 1998 that I added the Sprint Veloce, 750 Spider Veloce and Sprint Speciale registers. Currently I own 2 Alfas: a 1994 164 Quadrifoglio.and a 1991 Spider "Automatic"
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