Somewhere in Italy

For those of you that follow my blog on a regular basis  you know that my wife and I are on a one month vacation in Italy. It was time to decompress from work, college and the daily grind of the classroom. My wife planned the whole trip so long as I got in some of the things I wanted to do. That part included going to Colorno for the hydroplane boat races. That is a forthcoming post.

We overnighted in a town on the way to Venice. My wife and I went out this afternoon to discover the town for dinner. Sometimes you get lost and discover things you didn’t know about by accident. That happened to us in Rome where we found he Leonardo Di Vinci Museum. Worth seeing! Some artisans created his inventions from his notes that are working models for some of them. Did you know he invented the ball bearing!

Here I go off on a tangent. There is an Alfa dealer ahead of us and I suggest we stroll in and look at the new Giulietta’s and MiTo’s. I give my best Italian pleasantries and find out there is someone that speaks pretty good English. Sitting on the floor is a new Giulietta sedan with the 4C 1750 turbo in flat silver paint. This is a new release car just in the last month by Alfa Romeo and this car has the introductory paint color. I partake of the car checking out all of the features. All over Italy we have been seeing MiTo’s ( 2 door) and the Giulietta (4 door) as they are very popular. I have ridden in both and was impressed with the fit and finish. The MiTo rides nice and comfortable. We can’t get these cars and it is a shame as they are that good of a car I know it would sell well.


Roberto and I both owners of 1600 Spider Veloce's

Roberto and I both owners of 1600 Spider Veloce’s next to his MiTo

After talking for a while to the person in English I mention that I have 4 Alfa’s including a 1600 Spider Veloce. My wife and I were escorted to a warehouse near the dealership where the owner proceeded to show us the private collection of cars. There was an original Giulietta sedan, a beautiful Duetto but just around the corner was an all original Sprint Speciale in red. I wanted to open the hood but the cable wasn’t cooperating so I had to forego getting the numbers for the register.

We talk for a few minutes and then head back upstairs where I collected a couple of brochures, and bid ourselves a goodbye that I really wanted to last longer. I made a contact and will be emailing in the future to secure those valuable numbers.

All afternoon I kept thinking of the chance encounter of mentioning that I have a 1600 Veloce Spider and we were shown a private collection of cars that was amazing. You never know who you will run in to when you talk cars.

The next blog will be about the Veloce powered boat engines at Colorno and the uniqueness of just how impressive they are on water. Stay tuned!!


About alfadoc

I have been involved in Alfa Romeo cars since 1970 when I bought my 1600 Veloce spider. It was in 1972 that I started the Veloce Register for 1600 cars. It was in 1998 that I added the Sprint Veloce, 750 Spider Veloce and Sprint Speciale registers. Currently I own 2 Alfas: a 1994 164 Quadrifoglio.and a 1991 Spider "Automatic"
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